Women’s crocodile belts

Crocodile leather belts they are a timeless classic to combine with an elegant and formal outfit. Refined and decided at the same time, they remain a must-have that everyone should have in his wardrobe. At every glance, the crocodile leather reveals itself to be precious and with a rough surface, the relief given by the scaled skin makes the belt a real stimulus for the senses. Reptile’s House guarantees, on every reptile belt, control and certification of the origin of the skins through official stamps. Our belts offer a perfect harmony between class and comfort, fitting naturally and simply into the hectic life of an entrepreneur or the complex and extravagant life of an artist. The style, the attention to detail and the attention we provide to the product for our customers distinguishes us from the classic buy and go object. Reptile’s House creations represent tradition in a modern key with particular combinations developed with the great experience in this sector.



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