Passionate about design and architecture, Giancarlo Nevola discovers in the fashion accessory the ideal means of expression to channel his creativity and a concrete need to do.

In the early 80, he began to create belts and small leather goods which stand out immediately for the quality of the materials and the refined aesthetics.

After the first collaborations with important Italian names of the luxury accessory, in the 1984 he decided to found his own brand, through which he could express his personal vision of the fashion product.

Reptile's House was born, a name that becomes synonymous with unique and functional accessories, able to combine contemporary taste and ancient craftsmanship.

The success of the first collections brings Reptile's House products to the windows of the best shops, not only in Milan, the heart of the brand, but throughout Italy.

Whatever model you choose, there is always a common thread that unites all Reptile's House bags, that is the value of carefully selected natural raw materials, processed and finished by hand by skilled artisans.

Each bag is an exclusive example, the result of unique and unrepeatable actions, made to guarantee every woman a high quality Made in Italy handcraft product.

In the wake of an ever-growing recognition from customers and retailers, in the 2000s Giancarlo Nevola introduced the first lines of bags that, thanks to the fine workmanship and unique style, bring the Reptile's House brand to the best boutiques in the world.