The Reptile's House bags are born from the hands of skilled craftsmen, through the application of traditional methods and innovative processes that raise the quality standard at every stage of processing. Once the design is defined, the raw material or the semi-finished leather (crust), is carefully modeled and subjected to processes such as carving, laser cutting, printing or braiding, depending on the desired effect, to give the surface movement and three-dimensionality.

Once all the components have been assembled, hinges and inserts included, the bag is ready for the following phases. During washing, in contact with water, the cuts open to give relief to the skin, while the weaving is smoothed giving roundness and pleasantness to the touch. At the pre-dyeing and garment dyeing phases, where the bags are immersed in a drum, follows the skillful hand of the craftsman who defines the final color of each single product, in an overlap of unrepeatable nuances. Finally, special treatments allow to enhance softness and color effects, creating a characteristic vintage look.

The last step is the supervision of the finished product, essential to ensure that the bags are perfect in all their parts and are so ready for a new beginning.